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Connect with the Right Investors

Welcome to our Advisor Matching Questionnaire! We know matching with the right investors is essential for building successful and lasting client relationships. Our specialized questionnaire gathers important information about your skills, expertise, and preferred client profiles.


Complete the questionnaire below to start connecting with investors!

Contact Information:

How are you paid?

Certifications and Credentials:


Financial Planning:

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Insurance and Risk Management:

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Retirement Services:

Estate and Legacy Planning:

Business Planning:

Specialized Services:

Fiduciary Duty Attestation:

I hereby attest that I will act as a fiduciary, always prioritizing my clients' best interests. I commit to providing investment advice and financial planning services with the utmost care, skill, and diligence expected of a prudent professional. I will fully disclose all material facts, including any potential conflicts of interest, and maintain complete transparency regarding fees and costs. I pledge to protect client confidentiality, regularly review accounts and plans, maintain necessary qualifications, and comply with all applicable laws and professional standards. I acknowledge my legal and ethical obligation to put my clients' interests first and will promptly inform them of any changes affecting my fiduciary duties. This attestation reflects my commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in my role as a financial advisor.

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